Feblo receives releases both electronically (EDI/EDIFACT) and manually from customers. These transactions include receiving and transmitting releases/release confirmation, orders/order confirmation, advanced shipping notices, inventory status/adjustments and billing information.

Feblo maintains a fully compliant ANX (Automotive Network eXchange) system that can be configured for any AIAG standard EDI/EDIFACT record format.

Feblo services can be integrated with transportation providers, such as FedEx, to support a seamless electronic order process from receipt to delivery. RF and barcode technology is deployed throughout warehouse and distribution processes in support of lean processes. Feblo uses Microsoft Dynamics GP as the basis for customized customer programs.

EDI – EDIFACT and ANSI Standards

  • Releases

  • ASNs

  • Purchase Orders


  • Labels

  • Inventory Control

  • Work Orders

  • Shipping and Receiving


  • Business to Business

  • GM Supplier Network


  • ANX

  • Broadband

Database Technology

  • Decision Support

  • Full Transaction Processing