Feblo knows that absolute quality control is important to our clients.  This is why we offer a range of quality management services to ensure that only your best products reach your customers.

We offer direct inspection of parts, by receiving freight at our Michigan facility, inspecting each item individually, repackaging and shipping to the final customer.  Further, if quality issues arise with a supplier, particularly when the supplier is offshore and inventory is already in transit, we can provide containment services.  These include quarantining parts, inspecting individual items, and storing all pieces in one location to avoid shipment of defective items to customers.

Feblo also offers quality improvement services, sharing information with suppliers’ quality departments, providing data, and offering suggestions to improve quality and the overall process. Further, we provide management of repair services in similar situations, employing our professional staff to repair, rather than return items to you.

Finally, drawing upon years of experience in recall program management, we can expertly manage entire programs to distribute quality improvement parts and kits to dealers on behalf of original equipment manufacturers.

  • Inspection and Testing

  • Containment

  • Quality Improvement Programs

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